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Organic product
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In 1994, our company took the first steps on this way.

Since 2001, LLC DIAMANT LTD has mastered the production of instant corn flakes from cereals, working only in B2B segment for 5 years.

Later, of course, we got a desire to do everything we liked – to choose the best grain, to develop a convenient packaging, and to offer it all under our own brand.

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So, since 2011, LLC DIAMANT LTD has produced products under the trademark “Kozub Product”.

The company’s products have been repeatedly awarded diplomas and medals for their quality.

But for us, the best proof of our success is the grateful feedback from our customers and the ever-growing sales of our products.

In 2013, we achieved another important target: we were tested by the certification body “Organic Standard”, received a certificate of organic products producer, and became one of the first certified producers of organic flakes in Ukraine. Our products under the trademark “Kozub Organic Product” have been marked both at local exhibitions and at one of the largest and most popular forums of organic products in the world − BIOFACH!

Our range includes organic cereals, organic flakes, and even organic oatmeal!

The main activity of the enterprise is the production of flakes that need cooking, as well as instant flakes from cereals: classic oat, buckwheat, barley flakes, and from such unusual ones as rice, rye, and maize. Consumers especially like mixtures of cereals with additives: a mixture of 9 cereals + flax, a mixture of 7 cereals + pumpkin seeds, a mixture of 5 cereals + sesame seeds, and a mixture of 15 components of the Fitness series.

We use such production technologies as whole grain steaming, flattening, and cutting, exploiting the European equipment.

We also produce instant cereals, muesli, oatmeal, various types of flour, including whole grain and oatmeal, buckwheat, and maize.

The production process of our products meets the requirements of the international control system ISO 22000.

Useful is about our products!

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The Kozub Product Trademark

The Kozub Product trademark was registered in 2010.

Due to the expansion of activities and investments in the domestic economy, our own production of flakes and groats from all types of legumes was created on the basis of “Firma DIAMANT LTD, LLC”.

All products of TM “Kozub Product” are made according to the approved regulatory documents.

In our opinion, the path that the company has taken over the years is a great illustration of the phrase “Big Step Forward”.

Our principles: the consumer is the main reference point, quality is our work, and the ratio of the price and quality is our purpose.

We do only what we can do best and try to use the available resources effectively.

Our plans: to become a leader in the Ukrainian market among domestic food producers and to make a significant contribution to the health of the nation with our products!

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