About the company «LLC DIAMANT LTD»

Our Mission

In our opinion, complex carbohydrates and fiber are the basis of the proper functioning of the human microbiome, which is the key to strong immunity.

Our motto: “Kozub product is a component of a healthy life!”

Our mission: “To exceed the expectations of our customers, to give everyone the opportunity to eat healthy food, and to contribute to the health of the nation!”

Certified Production

The main thing in the quality of food, in addition to the fact that it should be produced with the soul, of course, compliance with the food safety management system. Therefore, for your confidence in safety and suitability for consumption of the entire range of products produced by LLC DIAMANT LTD, the company’s food safety policy defines the program of food safety management system as a critical element necessary for all structural units of the enterprise. To meet the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine in the field of food safety, to effectively inform stakeholders within the food chain, and to demonstrate compliance with the organization’s food safety policy at the enterprise, there were developed, successfully implemented, and continuously applied procedures based on the principles of Food Products Safety Management System (HACCP).

On June 10, 2014, long before the introduction of mandatory certification, the company LLC DIAMANT LTD was certified in a single certification system UkrSEPRO and received a certificate № UA.2.039.X0133-14 for food safety management system for the production of cereal flour products industry, which meets the requirements of DSTU ISO 22000:2007. According to the Law of Ukraine “On the Basic Principles and Requirements for Food Safety and Quality”, set forth in the wording of the Law of Ukraine of July 22, 2014 № 1602-VII, companies engaged in food products that do not contain unprocessed ingredients of animal origin had to implement HACCP until September 20, 2018.

Today the production of our food concentrates and cereals is harmonized with the requirements not only of the current legislation of Ukraine on food safety, but also with the requirements of DSTU ISO 22000:2019 of Food Safety Management System.

Our company conducts research on raw materials and finished products for safety indicators, GMO content, and quality indicators at regular intervals, in accredited laboratories.

Therefore, the valid certificate №UA2.NASSR.0065-20 of LLC DIAMANT LTD is a confirmation that our company meets the requirements of the food safety management system for production.

Our Team

The team of LLC DIAMANT LTD is coordinated and focused on the highest results.

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VASILIEV DENYSHead of sales and marketing
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TETERNYK DMYTROChief technologist
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SEVASTIANOVA LIDIIAHead of quality control department
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Our Achievements

Certainly the main peculiarity for a product is the demand for it. But for the consumers themselves, the rewards and recognition of the product speak of its high quality and become an additional reason for purchasing the product. So below are our honors, diplomas, and awards.

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