“Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms” of instant cooking

Item number: 954992

Product Description

It is enough to put the portion of buckwheat porridge of instant cooking with vegetables to boiling water to get a fragrant breakfast or snack during the day.

It is made on the basis of “The Most Delicate* Buckwheat Flakes” of the Kozub Product TM.

* In comparison with other products of  ” Firma DIAMANT LTD, LLC



dry buckwheat flakes−88.7%, dry whole milk powder−3%,

dried mushrooms (champignons)−2.5%, a mixture of flavors “Mushrooms”(table salt, food crystalline hydrate glucose, maltodextrin, white sugar, flavor and aroma enhancers: monosodium glutamate (E621), sodium guanylate (E627), sodium inosinate (E631), flavorings “Mushrooms”,… dried chopped red paprika, dried carrots pieces, and dried chopped parsley.

Flakes do not need cooking.

Weight: 40g

Type of packaging: polypropylene bag foiled inside.

The number in a showbox: 12 pieces

Energy value (calorie) per 100 g of product:

1200 kJ  

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