Oatmeal bran 250g/500g

Item number: 952748; 952250 

Product Description

Oatmeal bran by Firma DІAMANT LTD, LLC 

Oat bran is a by-product of oat grinding and consists of grain parts that are removed to produce a certain quality of flour.

Very important is the fact that in the processing of oats into flour biologically active components in the bulk remain in the bran. That is, all the most valuable and useful remains in them, and the flour and all its products do not lose all the best that was in the oats.

Ingredients: oatmeal bran. 
Weight: 250 g. or 500g.

Type of packaging: paper package

Package Quantity: 10 pieces

Energy value (calorie) per 100 g of product:

1356 kJ  (324 kcal).

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