Wholegrain flour

Item number:  951231

Product Description

Wholegrain flour by Firma DІAMANT LTD, LLC manufactured according to DSTU (State Standart of Ukraine) 3034-75.

Whole wheat flour is a whole grain of selected wheat, ground by careful technology of grinding grain. Compared to ordinary high-grade flour, this flour contains 4 times more minerals, 2.5 times more vitamins, 24 times more whole grain fiber. This flour is perfect for making pancakes, pies and pizza, as it has a richer taste, a beautiful yellowish tinge.

Ingredients: wholegrain flour.

Weight: 1000g

Type of packaging: paper package

Package Quantity: 12 pieces

Energy value (calorie) per 100 g of product:

1339 kJ  (320 kcal ).

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